7 Candles That Instantly De-Stress and Soothe

7 Candles That Instantly De-Stress and Soothe

By Nicole Kliest | Jan 23, 2021

Lighting a candle at the end of a tiring day while drawing a bath or cooking your favorite dish is the crème de la crème of soothing rituals. The soft flame combined with a calming scent (sandalwood! patchouli! nutmeg!) makes this simple act one that’s worth returning to day after day. 

Just like other home and beauty staples, candles have traditionally been formulated with chemicals that have been proven as toxic or harmful. Thankfully, in the recent past, several brands have pushed for a responsible approach to de-stressing and now offer 100% cotton wicks (no lead), coconut and soy wax blends, and all-natural fragrances. Ahead, 7 candles that speak to these sustainable sensibilities and offer a transformative experience from the moment you light the wick all the way to blowing out the flame.

wndrmde. ATLS ($75)

Nestled in the Catskills Mountains in upstate New York, the wndrmde. team hand pours its natural, organic assortment of candles. This ATLS option offers notes of Moroccan atlas cedarwood, neroli, and lavender. If you’ve ever wanted a candle that makes you feel like you’re in a cozy cabin in the woods, look no further.

Nette Another Life ($68)

Newly launched Nette is your go-to for clean-burning stylish candles. They’ve got a pretty hefty ‘no list’ of ingredients they refuse to include in their products and on top of the minimalist typography and sleek glass jar, the names for the scents are quite creative (Spring 1998, Another Life, Laide Tomate – for example).

Heretic Hinoki Temple Candle ($85)

Blended in a soy wax base with a lead-free cotton wick, this calming candle gives off notes of citrusy frankincense and smoldering hinoki wood. You might want to buy two.

Siblings Scent No. 08 ($22)

If you’re feeling crafty, grab a make-your-own-candle packet from Siblings and pour it into an existing vessel you have laying around at home. This aroma smells of peonies, bergamot, honeysuckle, magnolia, amber, and agarwood.

Boy Smells LES ($32)

This popular candle scent from Boy Smells nods to one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods — the Lower East Side. It offers a delicious harmony of notes ranging from rice powder and peach blossom to cardamom and cedar. 

P.F. Candle Co. Dusk Sunset Candle ($24)

Although this candle is deliciously scented, with a mix of black pepper, clary sage, palo santo, and blooming iris, it's the custom-printed tin vessel that steals the show. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself.

Herbivore Natural Candle ($30)

If you live for a smoky-scented candle, this herbal, earthy option from Herbivore ought to please the senses. It’s formulated with 100% essential oils and has an impressive 60-hour burn time.


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7 Candles That Instantly De-Stress and Soothe


7 Candles That Instantly De-Stress and Soothe
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