A Note from Toward

A Note from Toward

By | Dec 15, 2020

Welcome to Toward, a place we hope will make it easier for you to live in luxury, responsibly. 

Amidst the sea of virtual shopping suggestions, finding fashion and beauty items that don’t negatively impact the earth and its people still feels all too much like work. We’re here to make that search easy and rewarding, instead. By rigorously vetting the brands we feature and the production processes they employ, our savvy editors have rounded up the best of what’s out there from brands who are determined to leave the industry’s exploitative past behind. For us, this motive is not simply an afterthought, but the driving message of our company.

Integrity is central to this mission, which is why we’ll always be upfront with you about our selection processes and the methods used to create the products we feature. In lieu of absolute perfection (an impossibility in any production landscape), we seek out brands who are always iterating on their products in order to lessen their impact and contribute more to the greater good. The result is a truly unique curation of tasteful items that you won’t spot regularly on the street, allowing authentic personal style to reign supreme without depleting other precious resources.

Toward is not a top-down project – we thrive on community feedback, insights and inspiration and are always eager to hear your thoughts. We hope you’ll share away, not just with us but with each other, as we work together to make responsible shopping a more pleasurable pursuit. 

This is the future of luxury, and it begins today.

The Editors

Photo Credit: Jacquemus


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A Note from Toward


A Note from Toward